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有別於一般威士忌店,WHISKY WAREHOUSE由本港威士忌狂熱份子管理,多年來致力從一眾本地收藏家手上購入各種珍罕威士忌收藏。因此我們收藏大量高質素,罕有,及年代久遠的威士忌供進階飲家選擇。在這裡你可以找到各式各樣已絕跡於市面及難以找到的夢幻逸品...

WHISKY WAREHOUSE 的所有酒款均為現貨發售,在下單後兩個工作天內以快遞派送,暫時只接受香港地區購買


All prices in this website are delivery charge inclusive. All bottles will be delivered via SF Express. Orders will be shipped within 2 working days after order has been made. 


Returns and Cancellation Policy

No cancel of order will be accepted. All whiskies sold are sealed by original distilleries, bottlers or merchants unless stated otherwise. Every bottle will be checked by our experts before shipped.


The members of Whisky Warehouse will try their utmost effort to handle your precious whisky, to ensure each and every bottles sold are authentic, and the condition of the bottles are just as described in our pictures and descriptions. If there are such unexpected situations for request of return and refund for order, please email us with details of the problem.

Please note that request for return and refund for order shall be raised within 7 calendar days upon shipment arrival.




If you have any questions about our products, or require special arrangements on the delivery, please contact us


Whatsapp: 98800931

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