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Undisclosed Irish Whisky

Bottler: Antique Lions of Spirits (ALOS)

Bottling series: The Butterflies

Vintage: 1989

Bottled: 2017

Stated Age: 28 years old

Casktype: Bourbon Cask

Number of bottles: 209

Strength: 49.3 % Vol.

Size: 700 ml




Irish Malt 28 yo 1989/2017 (49.3%, Antique Lions Of Spirits, bourbon, 209 bottles)  This one comes under these lovely Moony labels, in this case, it would be butterflies. Does that suggest any kind of lightness?... Colour: pale gold. Nose: a slightly rounder version of the 1990, with a little more cake-y notes, and perhaps very ripe bananas. A little more oomph as well, and that cannot only be the extra 1.3% vol. Passion fruits, mangos, chalk, grapefruits… Brilliant nose, rather more ‘immediate’ than that of then 1990. Mouth: sweet Vishnu, this is a total fruit bomb! And they’re all there, papayas leading the way, then mangos, maracuja, etc., etc., etc… Also love the rather mineral backbone, it’s not just some fortified all-vitamin fruit juice. Finish: medium to long, always immensely fruity, and with a rather lemony signature. No, rather pink grapefruits again. Comments: just one stupid question, why don’t the owners have these? Granted, the prices would be five times higher, but still! A mystery… (agreed, it’s the same all over Scotland). SGP:751 - 92 points.

Irish Single Malt 1989 28yo by ALOS (butterflies series)

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